Junior Infants School Tour to Glendeer Pet Farm followed by "Jump for Joy"

The Junior Infants had a fabulous school tour to Glendeer Pet Farm near Athlone. They traveled by bus to Glendeer Pet Farm. First they had a little snack to give them energy for their tour. Then they had a lovely walk around the farm where they got to meet parrots, emus, monkeys, goats, , rabbits, puppies, lizards, wallabies to name a few. Our tour guide for the day was Charlotte and she was really impressed with how well the Junior Infants listened to her when she was teaching them about the animals. During the tour, they had an opportunity to explore an old house that had lots of old household items in it. eg an old iron, stove, radio, butter churn, bicycle etc. After the tour, the children had some free time in the playground and then they were well ready for their lunch. After that, we got back on to the bus to continue our day out at “ Jump for Joy” an indoor playground. The children had a ball there.

Then it was back on the bus . Some children had a lovely sleep on the way home . Others sang and chatted. It was a wonderful day. Everybody was in great humour. Many thanks to Martin our bus driver who got us there and home safely. Also thank you to Karen, Hilary and Michaela for their help on the day. I hope the Junior Infants will remember their first school tour of Primary School.