Dear Parent/Guardian,

Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) is a very important element of the school curriculum. SPHE covers a wide range of topics such as self identity, making decisions, citizenship and relationships, which equip children with many of the skills and knowledge needed in today’s world.

The Relationship and Sexuality element of the programme (RSE) includes the learning, understanding and the development of attitudes, beliefs and values about relationships, sexual identity and intimacy.

The main aims of the RSE programme are:

To enhance the personal development, well being and self-esteem of each child

To enable each child to gain an understanding of and respect for human love, reproduction and sexual activity in a sensitive and measured way

To enable the child develop healthy friendships and relationships

To develop and promote a sense of wonder and awe at the process of birth and new life. 

The links below will provide context to the content taught in class.

HSE publication - Talking to your child about RSE

Guide to the sensitive language to be used in each class 

HSE publication - Picture book for younger children

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