Exciting news.

An Bord Pleanala have adjudicated in favour of our new build. Plans have been drawn up and tenders sent out by the Department of Education. This step forward is a great boost and the school Board of Management are to be thanked for all their quiet work behind the scenes. And indeed the different members of the Board over the years since we opened in 2005. There have been many hitches on the way but we have managed to grow and become very popular in spite of space constraints. We have entered Peace Proms, Cumann na mBunscoil, Rugby Blitzs, Volleyball All Irelands annually and have staged memorable Stage Productions and Graduations over the years. We have been 13 years in our temporary site, have grown by 600% in this time and continue to expand every year. Our school is progressive and vibrant with an excellent staff who go above and beyond. Our vision has never changed- For each child to feel valued and encouraged to reach their potential in an inclusive environment. Our biggest challenge has been having to turn away students due to lack of space to expand. This new purpose built school will allow us to provide an even better service much deserved by the children, parents and staff. Our own library and all purpose room for P.E. the joy of having proper sized rooms. We are mindful of the concerns of local residents and will endeavour to be the best neighbours they could wish for. We have excellent relations with our present neighbours and work together on numerous projects every year. We have fantastic relations with the local schools and work with them regularly. A school is not the bricks and mortar it is the people who work and play in it every day. Now to bring this wonderful school of ours to a dedicated state of the art premises. Well done to all in our lovely school community who have waited so long for this moment. Thank you for your patience and support.