Dress Up Day October 26th 2018

On Friday, October 26th 2018, the children were invited to dress up for our annual “Dress Up Day” which we always have the day of the Autumn Mid-Term Break. The children are encouraged to make/design their own costumes or purchase bits and pieces from local charity shops eg “Never Too Old” in Claregalway. “ Never TOO Old” Supports the local Claregalway District and Daycare Centre. This years “ Dress Up Day” was a huge success. We had a bunch of grapes, a shark, rock stars, pirates, Harry Potters, builders, giant tomatoes, a Pink Panther, Ninja’s to name a few.

The whole school went over to Damien’s room where there was a make-shift catwalk ready for the children to show off their costumes class by class and we also had a great sing-song. Thank you to everyone for participating so enthusiastically!