Junior Infants have just completed their second Aistear sessions this year.

We have have been having great fun in the Junior Infants classroom learning all about animals. The children have completed five activities based on the theme. They made an enclosure for a zoo animal using boxes, scraps of material, bottle lids, pine cones, etc. The enclosure had to have a place for the animal to sleep, interesting space to roam around that would remind him of his natural habitat, something to drink and eat and an area for humans to view the animal.

In the role play area, the children were pretending that they were a family visiting a zoo. The parents had to come up with riddles and the children had to guess what animal they were thinking about and then they would visit that animal. The visit ended with a visit to the gift shop and the children could buy a souvenir if they were "good".

They also made long snakes, short snakes, fat snakes and thin snakes out of play dough, used animal play dough cutters, played "The Greedy Gorilla" memory game with Hilary and Suzanne and constructed their own zoo's using small world materials eg small animals, wooden tracks, small people and safari cars. This activity was great for sorting animals and counting etc.

Thank you to all the parents who helped out. We will be starting our next Aistear this Tuesday. The new theme is Winter/Winter Clothes/Weather.