Infants Winter Walk to Rinville Woods

On Tuesday, Junior and Senior Infants enjoyed a Winter Walk to Rinville Woods. They have been learning all about Winter, winter weather and winter clothes during their S.E.S.E lessons so we decided to top it off with a lovely walk and picnic to Rinville Woods.

The Senior Infants and the Junior Infants buddied up together and the Senior Infants showed the Junior Infants how to tick the items off on their Winter Hunt Checklist.

We were very lucky with the weather. Although it wouldn't have mattered as the Infants were prepared for whatever weather was thrown at them. They were fantastically decked out in their Winter Clothes- wellington boots, waterproof coats and pants and hats, scarves and gloves.

We had a lovely picnic just outside the playground and although the picnic benches were wet, that didn't faze our Infants, they just put took off their coats and sat on them and none of them got wet.

They had a fantastic time together in the playground. It was such a great outing - a lesson to us all that whatever the weather, we should wrap up in the right clothing and get out in the fresh air and enjoy nature.

They spotted pine cones, holly leaves, brown leaves, bare tree and evergreen trees. We didn't get to tick off the frost and ice as the weather was so mild.

Ethan Corless gave the trip 10/10. Thank you Ethan! We are looking forward to our Spring Walk in March or April.