Green School News

We have recently held our 2017/2018 Green School Committee Elections and there are 6 newly elected representatives on our Green School Committee. Well done to Evita and Darragh from Siobhan's room, Muireann from Niamh's room, Saibh from Daniel's room, Molly from Damien's room and Kate from John's room. Well done to all the children who went to the effort of preparing a speech for the elections. It is a sign of your enthusiasm and energy.

Our first job was to choose our Green School Motto. All the classes were working on coming up with a catchy slogan. The Green School Committee have made a short list of the entries and we will announce the winner on Tuesday.

We had a visitor Catriona from Green Schools on Tuesday, 7th November and she gave an excellent power-point presentation on " Climate Change" to the Green School Committee and 4th, 5th and 6th Class. She got the children up dramatising Climate Change and it was very informative and interesting. Now, 4th, 5th and 6th Class are working on Climate Change Projects for the next few weeks. We will then choose 5 Projects to be displayed in Tuam Library for one week on 28th November.